Download my YouTube music for free on SoundCloud

All of the songs I produce and use in my YouTube videos are available for free download on my SoundCloud channel via the link below. Please make use of the songs in your own videos, make remixes out of them, or keep them for your listening pleasure- whatever floats your boat! If you do use them for creative purposes please share links to your work in the comments section of this site so I may see and hear the tunes being put to good use.

Give me feedback and suggestions for future tracks

I am always keen to learn new techniques and experiment with new genres so please give me some artist and song recommendations in the comments section of the site so that I may get inspired.

Listen to drum and bass

While I will seldom use drum and bass tunes in my videos, I want to promote and share this incredible genre which has stolen my heart since 2010. If you’re interested in drum and bass, please listen to my latest tune via the link below. On my SoundCloud channel you will also find some other drum and bass tracks I’ve worked on in recent years.

Does drum and bass speak to your heart as it does mine? Who are your favourite D’nB artists? Please let me know in the comments. I’m always looking out for new music!

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