How to build trust in yourself and your relationships after it is lost.
Tea Time Episode 2 – why I lack trust and confidence in myself.
ADULTING in the 21st century.
P.S. – it’s not what you think!
Feeling lost? This video is for you! I go into detail about the questions that I ask myself to get a clear sense of why I’m here and where I’m going so I can navigate life more seemlessly
My first interview with Musab. I really enjoyed exploring his amazing mind!
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Building discipline is the foundation of excellence
Sometimes truth is kind and
sometimes it is necessary
Overcome your fears by changing your mindset
Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? This video outlines simple strategies to help you get your life in check before you dye your hair a crazy colour in an effort to reset!
5 tips to help you express yourself more eloquently so you can be more confident in conversation.
My latest video which is about cultivating happiness through altering one’s mindset.
The top apps that I use to be more productive.
My first video ever – can you tell?